Transactional emails

Faster sending of notification emails via API and SMTP

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Transactional email campaigns for solving business tasks

Instantly deliver important information to your customers automatically

  • Registration

    • Confirmation of registration
    • Welcome email
    • Registration notice
    • Reset and password recovery
    User registered successfully!
  • Payment and order notifications

    • Stock notifications
    • Order status notifications
    • Payment, receipts and bills
    • Upcoming payment reminders
    Your order was successfully paid!
  • Abandoned cart

    • The user viewed, but did not add the product to the cart
    • The user added the product to the cart, but did not place an order
    Don't forget to complete your order!
  • Other notifications

    • New email notifications
    • Service work surveys
    • Reminder that the user has not logged into the service for a long time
    Leave your feedback!

Two options for creating transactional email campaigns

  • SMTP

    Quick and easy launch on all platforms

    • Speed up to 1,000,000 emails per hour
    • Easy integration with any CMS
    • Connection without programming skills
  • API

    High speed and advanced features

    • Speed 4,000,000 emails per hour
    • Flexible management of mailing lists, recipients and messages
    • Detailed download of statistics for third-party systems

Transactional emails by template

Create transactional email layouts in the NiceSender builder to send beautiful responsive emails using API


Pass email parameters via API, which will be automatically substituted into the template at the time of sending

Template card
template card

Testing Ideas

Change the template in the NiceSender email builder without the involvement of programmers

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Advantages of transactional emails in NiceSender

  • High sending speed

    Instant delivery of any volume of letters. Platform throughput is 4,000,000 emails per hour.

  • Maximum email deliverability

    We use DKIM, SPF and DMARC, we comply with all requirements of postal services.

  • Detailed statistics and analytics

    Emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, complained and unsubscribed.

  • Reliability and security

    The servers are located in a reliable Tier-III level data center and comply with legal requirements.

  • Unified mailing platform

    Create all types of campaigns in one service. A single personal account, balance and statistics.

  • Double benefit in one plan

    Marketing and transactional email campaigns are included in the price of the plans, they do not have to be paid separately.

Transactional emails for your business

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