A/B testing of email campaigns

Find out which type of email your subscribers like best

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Rely on statistics, not guesswork

A/B tests will reliably show which of the emails will receive the best response from your audience


What are A/B tests used for

  • Sales increase

    Test various options for selling email elements, their combinations, content and appearance. More opens and clicks = more sales

  • Preference research

    Check any ideas, from the content of emails to their design. Tests will show what your audience likes the most

What can be tested with
A/B campaigns in NiceSender

  • Subject and preheader

  • Content and template style

  • Location of elements

  • Email А

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  • Email B

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A/B testing is easy!

Start split testing email campaigns in a few minutes

  • Step 1

    Create an A/B campaign

    Make several options of the tested elements of the email

  • Step 2

    Customize criteria

    Specify the conditions for choosing the winner of the A/B test: opens, clicks, complaints

  • Step 3

    Compare results

    Evaluate how A/B testing improved email conversions

A/B testing cases

See what the results are after using A/B campaigns

First user avatar
First user feedback

We've never used emojis in email subject lines before, we thought the official approach was better. But we checked it in A\B test. As a result, open rates increased by 2.71% due to the use of emoticons alone. On a large volume of recipients, this is very noticeable.

Gianna F.


Second user avatar
Second user feedback

We tested different email designs, measuring the number of clicks. The winner was the option in which the “Details” button was next to each online course, and there was not one for the entire block.



Third user avatar
Third user feedback

I tested the button names "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now". After sending multiple emails, the click-through rate for the Add to Cart button was 3.72% higher. Through ab testing, we have determined that our customers prefer shopping through the shopping cart.

Andrew M.

Marketer at BGHome

Increase the conversion of your emails right now

A/B testing of email campaigns is the basis of your success


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