How is NiceSenser working towards GDPR compliance?

NiceSenser is already fulfilling its responsibilities as a data processor and data controller. We have established a solid base of certified security and privacy controls, and we will continue to improve our products.

Ensuring Strong Security and Privacy Compliance

We have implemented a series of security measures and controls to safeguard the data that is entrusted to us, as outlined in the NiceSenser Privacy Policy. This enables us to meet various security and privacy standards and regulations.

How We Safeguard Your DataWe use hosting platforms in Western Europe, the US and Canada and provide 4 security levels:

Privacy by Design

At NiceSenser, we have a proactive approach to product development called "privacy by design" that aims to help you responsibly harness the power of data.

Contract Terms

We have updated our agreements with customers and vendors to align with the requirements of GDPR.


To ensure everyone in our company is informed about GDPR, we have established a GDPR group consisting of representatives from all departments and conducted awareness campaigns for all employees.

Product and Process Innovation

We continuously listen to our customers and seek ways to simplify and automate our product and service offerings to better meet their GDPR needs. We have also established the office of Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance with GDPR and maintain the highest standards of security and privacy for consumers.

Data breaches

We have implemented procedures to promptly detect, report, and investigate any personal data breaches. All employees are aware of their responsibilities in the event of a data breach.

Data Transfers

To uphold the level of data protection mandated by GDPR, the transfer of personal data to countries outside the EEA is restricted. This applies when transmitting, sending, viewing, or accessing such data in a different country.

We will only transfer Personal Data outside the EEA if any of the following conditions are met: